Fitting for safety glasses :

The lenses of safety glasses are designed to resist moderate impact from flying objects and particles.

Plano lenses :

  • Should be used by workers who do not require vision correction
  • May be flat or curved
  • Are available in clear, filtered or tinted lenses
  • May include removable lenses

Prescription (RX) lenses :

  • Should be used by workers who require vision correction
  • May be clear, filtered or tinted
  • May include removable lenses

Frames :

The safety glasses must fit comfortably and correctly to offer the necessary protection.

  • Ensure your safety glasses fit properly. Eye size, bridge size and temple length
  • Safety glasses should be individually assigned and fitted

Temples :

  • Fit over the ear
  • Can be either fixed or adjustable
  • Are available in metal or plastic

Headband temples :

  • Are easily adjustable for a secure fit
  • Are useful for tasks requiring movement

Bridge :

  • Are availabe in a variety of sizes
  • May have adjustable nose pads

Side shields :

  • May be part of or attached to the temple
  • Are permanent or removable
  • Are solid or ventilated
  • Are tinted or clear

Full (cup) side shields may be :

  • Removable
  • Wire screen
  • Tinted or clear


Example Frame size : 65-17-120 means

Eye size : 65mm

Bridge : 17mm

and temple length : 120mm